The New York Morning Star is a part of the Blue Planet Global Media Network Group. It is an internet news portal working towards the simple goal: to keep the news truthful, simple, effective, and understandable.

Sadly, the journalist standards we see today are mostly revenue-based with a lack of responsibilities. Professionals have lost their unique voices when comes to authentic news reporting. This is why The New York Morning Star was conceptualized to rekindle the former highly ethical journalistic standards.

As researchers and journalists from various fields and news channels, we believe that the primary goal for any news agency is to uncover and spread important news that holds the power to change the course of events or feelings of the reader. (To the better, of course.)

Yes, we live in new times. But there is no excuse to lose integrity and personality in copy. (And in life, by the way.) That is why we use accurate data and simple but professional language.

That way, we satisfy the broad taste of the general public.
We write about all aspects of life; including life stories. This is an especially difficult topic to cover because it could quickly become “yellowish.” But we strive to keep the information professional and independent.

On the other hand, we never copy and paste already written articles. We respect journalists’ integrity. When we summarize an article from someone else, we always cite the source.

We wish you a pleasant “stay” in our portal and many cozy reading hours!